FeM for design eNGINEER & Project leader

This training is about how to perform FEM analysis in CAD enviroment.
FEM theory, result evaluation, linear and non-linear analysis will be treated.
The course has a practical focus and is illustrated with many engineering examples.

You will learn: 
  • Basics of FEM
  • How to quickly produce reliable results. 
  • How FEM can be used to develop better products. 
  • How to efficiently manage FEA projects. 
  • How to cost-effectively carry out FEA analyses integrated in the design process. 
You will use the analysis software Creo Simulate to perform linear and non-linear FEM analyses. However, knowledge gained from this course can be applied regardless of the analysis tool used afterwards. 

training gOALS

After course completion you will be able to perform FEA, use cost-effective modelling techniques and to reliably evaluate and assess results.  

Target group

Design engineers who want to get started with FEA and perform FEA to design better products. Project managers whos projects include FEA elements can also benefit from this course. 


Basic engineering knowledge.  

Course Length

3 days


The course is held online.
For groups larger than 4 people the course might be hold at Tetra Pak office. ​​​​​​​


16 500 SEK

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​excl. VAT and the cost of shipping the course literature. If the course is held on a Tetra Pak site, travel costs will be added.
The price includes course literature.
Important information
In the event of less than four registered partipants two weeks before the start of the course, Ariadne reserves the right to cancel the course. If it is cancelled you will be notified by telephone or mail.

Confirmation will be sent when at least four people are registered for the course, about two weeks before the course starts.

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customer quotes

"Good to do the exercises yourself after the trainers demonstration. Good to be able to do an example that was adapted for us."

"Very instructive, was easy to follow along even though I have never used the software before."

"Good basic level. Perfect with many examples. Like the learning by doing."​​​​​​​
FEM berakningFEM berakning
FEM redigerad


Exemple of content
  • Practical exercises with accuracy analysis
  • Evaluation of the FEA analysis
  • Good and bad analyzes, practical examples
  • Cost-effective modeling techniques
  • Typical analyzes that can be performed by a designer
  • Linear vs Non-Linear Analysis
  • Modeling of systems with several components
  • Traps and difficulties within the FEA
  • Optimization and parameter studies
  • FEA project management

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