Webinar: Automize your Quality Control with Model Based Definition

Join us in a 30 min webinar: Automize your Quality Control with Model Based Definition
Ariadne Engineering are MBD specialists and can guide you in using MBD specialized software, consulting and training, all through the process of creating, checking and downstream usage of Model Based Definitions.
Are you looking to automize your metrology processes? 
Do you want to have full control over your dimensioning management? 
In this session we will show you how: 
  • How MBD based metrology can affect your company 
  • Check if the model is machine readable and MBD ready  
  • Automatically balloon your functional elements for measurement 
  • Create First Product Inspection FAI protocol in your industry format 
  • Create measurement protocol from 2D PDF drawings with one click 
  • Evaluate results, optimize and approve your part 
  • How to save up to 90% of your inspection time 
Date & Time: 
Friday 16 June 2023
Time: 14:00 CET,  about 30 minutes 
​​​​​​​Cost: Free

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