Webinar: Why GPS? 

During this free webinar, you will gain insight into capture and define functional requirements using GPS.
The functional requirements can be clearly communicated to your suppliers to ensure quality and avoid costly manufacturing mistakes. Correct product definition further helps inspection and quality engineers to verify the product. All according to MDB (Model Based Definition).
We start by going through weaknesses in the use of ordinary linear tolerances, and then describe how geometric tolerances (shape and position tolerances) can in a much better way define the requirements for the product's geometry.
All the ambiguities and question marks that exist in connection with the measurement of linear tolerances can be remedied by using shape and position tolerances. The real power lies in taking a holistic approach and systematically using it in a functional way.
Invest 30 minutes and learn:
  • Limitations with linear and angular tolerances
  • How we capture function with the tolerance setting
  • Define functional references that fully lock all degrees of freedom
  • Identify the role and order of the references used
  • For functional surfaces define - Position, Direction and Shape
  • Why GPS are a good foundation for MBD
  • About our courses, Basic course, and Advanced GPS/GD&T
 Date & time: 
Thursday 10th of March 2022
At 14:00-14:30 CET

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